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We guarantee to get you at least one real offer for your vehicle in 72 hours or less, or we will make the offer ourselves. We work exclusively with an extensive network of registered and governed buyers to avoid contact with tire kickers, negotiators, and scams. Find out more >

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Flipped is unlike traditional ways of selling a used vehicle. We remove the risk, and reduce the hassle associated with selling your car. Best of all, you pay Flipped nothing unless we sell your vehicle in 72 hours. Find out more >

Questions About Flipped


What happens after my car sells? How is the listing price determined? No doubt you have questions about Flipped and we are happy to answer them. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or ask us a question about the Flipped service.
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Although I was at first skeptical, I am now convinced! The fastest, easiest way to sell your car, plus you can use the money as a trade-in and save the taxes. Flipped worked tirelessly to get me the best deal, and to help me find my next vehicle. Excellent, friendly service! Recommended to EVERYONE!

Jesse C.
Jesse C.Ottawa, ON - 2011 Subaru Forester

Extremely helpful people- I had the pleasure dealing with Jason- he was very knowledgeable and guided me through the entire process of selling my car. Truly nice, genuine and a pleasure to work with- definitely if you have trouble selling a car and need advice- I highly recommend Flipped!

Melanie O.Ottawa, ON - 2008 Volkswagen Jetta

I was moving and needed to sell my car quickly, but finding a serious, responsive buyer in the private market was easier said than done.  I signed up with Flipped and in only a few days they sold my car to a professional operation.    From there, I dropped off my car and picked up my cheque – it really was that simple.  Flipped offered exactly what I was looking for: a fast, low risk and reliable sale.

Jean-Philippe D.Ottawa, ON - 2010 Volkswagen Jetta was a new experience for me.  It proved to be successful, efficient and safe.  The process was straight forward.  Flipped provided good expertise on cars, was professional, helpful, up front on all aspect of the sale and it made a normally stressful process into a pleasurable one.

I would definitely use again and I would strongly recommend it.

Louise GGatineau, QC - 2008 BMW 328Xi Wagon

Selling my car was quick & easy! Just take some pics, post ‘em & wait for the news that your car is sold! Thanks Jason, for all your hard work!

Kezia MOttawa, ON - 2006 Toyota Yaris

I got contacted by Jason from Flipped because I placed an ad to sell my Volkswagen Passat turbo on multiple free popular websites, thinking that considering the quality of my vehicle and the attractive pricing I will sell it in a few days. After a week the only calls received where marketing companies from USA. At first, I was not really interested by Flipped and being a commercial banker I have a tendency to be very suspicious. After few discussions with Jason, he explained me everything, he was very transparent and patient, I decided to post my car. In 72 hours I got it sell. I sold it to a reputable and well known reseller in Ottawa at the price negotiated by Flipped. The deal was done in 15 minutes. My husband and I were amazed we couldn’t believe it.  I have already recommended Flipped to my colleagues. This testimonial is from a true person and I hope this will convince other people like me to deal with them.

Stephanie B.Ottawa, ON - 2010 VW Passat

We needed to sell our 2006 Subaru Legacy by a certain date and I tried using the obvious online sites. Despite its excellent condition and low mileage we had no luck. A quick tour of the dealership and a couple of car lots got us offers but these were far below the value of the vehicle. That’s when I decided to give Flipped a try. After speaking with them I filled in the forms and posted the vehicle. A couple of days later I got an offer that was $2500 higher than the dealership was offering and above my reserve price. I then met the buyer, he looked over the car and since it was as we had described in our report, there were no issues and the sale was made. I have absolutely no regrets about using Flipped. They were professional, honest and fast, and highly recommend giving them a try.

Daniel B.Ottawa, ON - 2006 Subaru Legacy
For me, time was the essence of my car sale.  I needed to sell my car QUICK! I live in the market and parking is expensive so I really wanted to avoid having to pay any more monthly fees. helped me sell my car within a few days, the process was easy and I received great customer support with prompt communications through out the experience.  I also made a profit on the sale AND delivered my car to the buyer on July 30th…just in time to save me more money!  If you need to sell your car quick, look no further, makes it easy!
Steve S.Ottawa, ON - 2010 Kia Soul

I recently sold my 2010 Hummer H3 with Flipped. The service was extremely easy to use, the website remarkably simple to navigate the the sale process straight forward. The truck was sold quickly and the drop off procedures simple. I would highly recommend Flipped to anybody looking to sell a vehicle privately and locally.

Wayne M.Ottawa, ON - 2010 Hummer H3

I was contacted by Rory from while I was trying to sell my 2009 Honda Civic. He explained the entire process and was extremely professional and helpful. I needed to sell my car quickly and Rory and Jason made it happen with a minimum of fuss. Jason was exceptionally helpful in finalizing the arrangements, providing advise and support as well as going that extra mile. I was very happy with the service and would highly recommend to anyone interested in selling their car. It is worry free and hassle free.

David POttawa, ON - 2009 Honda Civic

Fast professional service, and ease of transaction. Flipped took the work out of selling the vehicle on my own and provided me access to a customer base that I would otherwise not have been exposed to.

Paul R.Ottawa, ON - 2009 Ford Edge Limited

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