Flipped removes the hassle and risk of selling your car.

Sell your car in 3 easy steps:

  • 1. LIST IT - Simply fill out our easy to follow online form

    • Fill out our easy to follow online form to create a Flipped listing.
    • Receive an instant price range value for your vehicle.
    • Tell us the reserve price you want to place on your vehicle
    • Provide us with photographs and details about your car’s history and condition.
  • 2. PUBLISH IT - Get exposed to our large network of Flipped Verified Buyers

    • Our qualified personnel will review and approve your listing if it meets all our criteria.
    • Once your listing is reviewed and approved, it will be available to our network of dealers to send you offers.
    • If you do not get an offer that makes sense, there is no obligation to sell.
  • 3. FLIP IT - Sell your car in 72 hours!

    • All Flipped Verified Buyers in your area are notified of your listing. You could have one, two, or even twenty buyers competing for your vehicle.
    • Not a single buyer will come to your home, call you, or test drive your vehicle.
    • Once sold, you will be given the contact information for the Flipped Verified Buyer. You can drop your car off, have its condition verified, and pick up your payment.


List your car on the Flipped app and get exposed to our vast network of Flipped Verified Buyers. And remember, no obligation to sell!

Sell your car in 72 hours

Your ad will be available for bidding up to 72 hours after you post it. Our buyers are all verified so any bids made by our Flipped Verified Buyers are legitimate bids.

Get more for your vehicle.

Because Flipped creates a competitive environment for purchasing vehicles, there is a greater chance that you will get offered more cash for your vehicle than anywhere else.

It’s Free!

There are absolutely no fees for selling your vehicle. Flipped charges the buyer so anyone can sell their vehicle knowing there are no hidden fees.


Get more money for your car by exposing it to a network of Flipped Verified Buyers.


We have a large network of Flipped Verified Buyers waiting to purchase vehicles. This promises more eyes on your listing than traditional methods and more opportunity to sell. Buyers will be able to see what offers have already been placed and compete for your car. You will also have the opportunity to counter offer!


Flipped only deals with verified buyers. Anyone that bids on your vehicle has been registered, verified by Flipped and is capable of purchasing your vehicle. You do not have to worry about finance approval, receiving a fake payment, someone stealing your information or any other potential risks.


It is no secret that a dealership will rarely give you what you feel is fair for your trade in. With Flipped, you can make sure you are getting the maximum value for your trade in by having all the buyers in your area compete for your vehicle. The highest bidder that meets or exceeds your price will then purchase your vehicle from the dealer you purchased the new vehicle from. This allows you to not only get the maximum value on your trade, but also benefit from the additional 13%-14.975% tax credit you get when trading in a vehicle.


If you are in a lease, our buyers will buy-out your contract and pay the taxes on it. You do not need to worry about finding someone to take over your payments. If you were planning on buying out your lease to resell it, our buyers will pay for the taxes so you do not have to.


Flipped does not charge the sellers for sold cars. We charge a small fee to the buyers to ensure you get the most for your car as possible.


At Flipped, our sellers remain completely anonymous until a buyer has been found. No one contacts you, visits your home or test drives your vehicle until they are committed to buy it. When a buyer is found, you go to their place of business, have them physically inspect the vehicle and pay you on the spot.


WAIT TIMEWait weeks, or even months for your car to sell, eventually haggling over the sale price. Get immediate true market value offers and negotiate from the comfort of your home.
PHONE CALLSHave countless phone calls, emails and texts from strangers and scammers consuming your time and increasing risk.None! All communication happens online through the app.
SHOWING YOUR CARHave tire kickers come to your home, making low-ball offers.Our comprehensive listings eliminate the need to show your car until it’s sold.
TEST DRIVESHave numerous strangers drive your car while insured under your policy with no commitment to purchase.Keep your car in the driveway. No one will use your vehicle until a Flipped Verified buyer has committed to purchase it.
ADVERTISINGSpend time to list your car on numerous sites, paying to advertise regardless of whether it sells or not.There is no advertising cost to you. List your car for free and automatically get exposed to our vast network of Flipped Verified Buyers.
PRIVACYPublicly post your phone number and email address on numerous sites and have strangers visit your home. Your information is kept secret from everyone except the Flipped Verified Buyer of your vehicle.
PAYMENTRisk being scammed by someone you don’t know.Receive immediate and full payment by a Flipped Verified Buyer.


How much will this cost me?


Why are the asking prices I see online higher than the range I received by your system?

This is a common question. Asking prices you see online, especially from dealerships, are just that: Asking prices. Actual sale values is what our system provides (generally).

Keep in mind that as a private seller, you cannot sell your vehicle for anywhere near what a dealership can, as you only appeal to a very small segment of the market. Without offering financing, leasing or taking all trades, there are only a few people that you can sell to, which are cash buyers. These buyers are rare, especially if your vehicle is $20 000 or more. Not to mention dealerships will generally discount a large amount from their asking prices. If you have been trying to sell your vehicle privately, you will know that even though you think your vehicle is priced right, no one is buying it. This is because they generally can’t. Flipped’s system will get you the actual maximum value the market is able to pay for your vehicle by having all our buyers bid against one another for your vehicle.

Do I need to purchase a UVIP to sell through

No. A UVIP (Used Vehicle Information Package) is only mandatory for private sales, so you can save yourself that $28.

Do I need to complete a safety test on my vehicle before I sell through Flipped?

No you do not. Our buyers will complete the safety themselves. If you already have one, mention it, it may make your vehicle more attractive to prospective buyers.

I am buying another vehicle, can I use Flipped and benefit from the trade-in tax savings?

Yes! Flipped is a great method to ensure you get the absolute maximum for your trade-in. By shopping your vehicle around the entire city we will get you the maximum value and allow you to trade it in to your selling dealer so you get the tax savings (13% for Ontario, 14.975% for Quebec). Our buyer will simply purchase it from that dealer immediately after.

This is also a great method to ensure you also get the maximum discount on the new vehicle you purchase, as it will prevent dealers from playing with the numbers and pretending to give you more for your trade. When dealers do this, it means you aren’t getting the maximum discount possible.

What is ‘fair market value’ and how is it calculated?

Fair market value is the estimated market value for your vehicle. It is the figure comparable vehicles are selling for. This figure is based on past and recent sales data, retail and non-retail market values across the country, and takes into consideration specific vehicles options such as trim level, color, condition, history, and transmission.

Who are ‘Flipped Verified Buyers’?

Flipped Verified Buyers have successfully completed our registration process. We work exclusively with an extensive network of registered and governed buyers to avoid contact with tire kickers, negotiators, and scams.

What if my vehicle has damages or faults that I did not disclose on my condition report?

It is very important to be as thorough as possible in your condition report. If your vehicle is not accurately described in the condition report, the evaluation will be nullified, and the Flipped Verified Buyer can refuse to accept your vehicle.

Can someone pick my car up and deliver it to the buyer?

Yes, this is certainly an option although there may be additional charges for delivery, depending on your area. There may also be the possibility of the Flipped Verified Buyer picking up your vehicle. Ask your Flipped agent if pickup is available for your listing.

What if I owe money on my vehicle or I am in a finance or lease contract?

If you owe money on your vehicle to a finance or lease company, we just need to do a little more paperwork once your vehicle has been sold. You will need to provide the Flipped Verified Buyer with your buyout and account information, and they will pay you the difference. If you owe more money than your vehicle is worth, you will need to pay the difference out at the time of sale. The Flipped Verified Buyer under contract will help with this.

When my vehicle sells, where do I go to get my money?

You will meet with the Flipped Verified Buyer directly at their place of business. The process should take less than 20 minutes and you will walk away with your payment in full.

How do I determine the minimum selling price for my vehicle?

The application will provide you with the average selling price of your vehicle. It will be up to you to follow the recommended value to ensure you get offers to buy. We also have qualified personnel that will review your listing and contact you if there are any concerns.

What happens with my vehicle after I list it?

You keep your vehicle, drive it, and carry on with your normal daily routine. Flipped does not require you to give up possession of your vehicle until a Flipped Verified Buyer is found.

What happens if my car does not sell?

If there has not been an offer to purchase your car for an amount equal to, or greater than the listing price, ensure you have listed your car at a reasonable price and provided as much detail as possible. Contact us and we will be able to review your listing.

What if my car does not sell and I want to list it with you a second time?

We will review the previous listing price to confirm market value, and adjust if needed. You may be contacted by our qualified personnel to assist with your previous listing.


What are your neighbours saying about Flipped?

Extremely helpful people- I had the pleasure dealing with Jason- he was very knowledgeable and guided me through the entire process of selling my car. Truly nice, genuine and a pleasure to work with- definitely if you have trouble selling a car and need advice- I highly recommend Flipped!

Melanie O.
Melanie O.Ottawa, ON - 2008 Volkswagen Jetta

I was moving and needed to sell my car quickly, but finding a serious, responsive buyer in the private market was easier said than done.  I signed up with Flipped and in only a few days they sold my car to a professional operation. From there, I dropped off my car and picked up my cheque – it really was that simple.  Flipped offered exactly what I was looking for: a fast, low risk and reliable sale.

Jean-Philippe D.Ottawa, ON - 2010 Volkswagen Jetta

Although I was at first skeptical, I am now convinced! The fastest, easiest way to sell your car, plus you can use the money as a trade-in and save the taxes. Flipped worked tirelessly to get me the best deal, and to help me find my next vehicle. Excellent, friendly service! Recommended to EVERYONE!

Jesse C.
Jesse C.Ottawa, ON - 2011 Subaru Forester is an Amazing company
I never in my life left a comment, but this company and it’s workers deserve recognition for their outstanding job on sticking by their words with no hidden plans. I am truly happy with dealing with Jason and his company. Thank you!

Kerrie P.Montreal, QC - 2010 Jeep Wrangler

Great experience with Flipped. Strong understanding of what the market will support, constant feedback during the auction part so i never felt in the dark, and really went to extra mile to overcome obstacles. I would recommend to anyone looking for a quick sale.

Michel L.
Michel L.Ottawa, ON - 2005 Toyota Echo was a new experience for me.  It proved to be successful, efficient and safe.  The process was straight forward.  Flipped provided good expertise on cars, was professional, helpful, up front on all aspect of the sale and it made a normally stressful process into a pleasurable one.

I would definitely use again and I would strongly recommend it.

Louise G.
Louise G.Gatineau, QC - 2008 BMW 328Xi Wagon

Selling my car was quick & easy! Just take some pics, post ‘em & wait for the news that your car is sold! Thanks Jason, for all your hard work!

Kezia M.
Kezia M.Ottawa, ON - 2006 Toyota Yaris

I got contacted by Jason from Flipped because I placed an ad to sell my Volkswagen Passat turbo on multiple free popular websites, thinking that considering the quality of my vehicle and the attractive pricing I will sell it in a few days. After a week the only calls received where marketing companies from USA. At first, I was not really interested by Flipped and being a commercial banker I have a tendency to be very suspicious. After few discussions with Jason, he explained me everything, he was very transparent and patient, I decided to post my car. In 72 hours I got it sell. I sold it to a reputable and well known reseller in Ottawa at the price negotiated by Flipped. The deal was done in 15 minutes. My husband and I were amazed we couldn’t believe it.  I have already recommended Flipped to my colleagues. This testimonial is from a true person and I hope this will convince other people like me to deal with them.

Stephanie B.
Stephanie B.Ottawa, ON - 2010 VW Passat

We needed to sell our 2006 Subaru Legacy by a certain date and I tried using the obvious online sites. Despite its excellent condition and low mileage we had no luck. A quick tour of the dealership and a couple of car lots got us offers but these were far below the value of the vehicle. That’s when I decided to give Flipped a try. After speaking with them I filled in the forms and posted the vehicle. A couple of days later I got an offer that was $2500 higher than the dealership was offering and above my reserve price. I then met the buyer, he looked over the car and since it was as we had described in our report, there were no issues and the sale was made. I have absolutely no regrets about using Flipped. They were professional, honest and fast, and highly recommend giving them a try.

Daniel B.
Daniel B.Ottawa, ON - 2006 Subaru Legacy

For me, time was the essence of my car sale.  I needed to sell my car QUICK! I live in the market and parking is expensive so I really wanted to avoid having to pay any more monthly fees. helped me sell my car within a few days, the process was easy and I received great customer support with prompt communications through out the experience.  I also made a profit on the sale AND delivered my car to the buyer on July 30th…just in time to save me more money!  If you need to sell your car quick, look no further, makes it easy!

Steve S.
Steve S.Ottawa, ON - 2010 Kia Soul

I recently sold my 2010 Hummer H3 with Flipped. The service was extremely easy to use, the website remarkably simple to navigate the the sale process straight forward. The truck was sold quickly and the drop off procedures simple. I would highly recommend Flipped to anybody looking to sell a vehicle privately and locally.

Wayne M.
Wayne M.Ottawa, ON - 2010 Hummer H3

I was contacted by while I was trying to sell my 2009 Honda Civic. They explained the entire process and were extremely professional and helpful. I needed to sell my car quickly and Jason made it happen with a minimum of fuss. Jason was exceptionally helpful in finalizing the arrangements, providing advise and support as well as going that extra mile. I was very happy with the service and would highly recommend to anyone interested in selling their car. It is worry free and hassle free.

David P.
David P.Ottawa, ON - 2009 Honda Civic

Fast professional service, and ease of transaction. Flipped took the work out of selling the vehicle on my own and provided me access to a customer base that I would otherwise not have been exposed to.

Paul R.
Paul R.Ottawa, ON - 2009 Ford Edge Limited

Jason was very helpful in selling my 2011 Audi Q7 and negotiating a good deal for a new lease vehicle. He was always approachable and quick to return phone calls. The price the vehicle sold for was better than any of the offers I had received from the dealerships I had approached prior to working with Flipped. I would recommend Flipped to my friends and colleagues without hesitation.

Sven R.
Sven R.Ottawa, ON - 2011 Audi Q7 TDI

I was so impressed they were so helpfull and understanding to my situation. there was no hidden fees no surprises after working myself in the auto industry for 25 yrs they helped sell my car better than i could and i thank them as i was in dire need to sell m car. the buyer was also amazing and very business oriented and easy to talk to. I highly recomend Flipped as there is enough stress in this world and Jason as well as as the rest of the guys made it feel like you were dealing with family. Thank you guys

Doug O.
Doug O.Ottawa, ON - 2012 Nissan Versa

Ive sold my Subaru WRX STI with Flipped Remarketing Inc thanks to Jason who help me to make the sell happen with a better price than i ask for, good people and profesionalist , no stress about let them sell my next car thanks again Jason!!

Nicolas L.
Nicolas L.Casselman, ON - 2010 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Flipped was very handy for me because I was moving out of town and did not have the luxury of time to sell my car. I contacted Jason who was very professional and courteous putting my car on the market which was sold in no time. The business idea is unconventional and unique and it would not surprise me if it extended outside of Ottawa into other cities. I strongly recommend Flipped for people who do not want to go through the hassle of selling a car and all the paper work involved along with it!

Eric S.Ottawa, ON - 2005 Chrysler 300

At first like other sellers I was skeptical, I wasn’t aware of this kind of service, Jason was very transparent, professional and explained the entire process, the more I spoke to him the more at ease I felt with the process. Jason is really genuine he sold my truck in the time limit he mention with a profit, there was no hidden fees, no surprises. This process is much better than dealing with the multiple e-mail and offers that have no value from those free popular websites . I would strongly recommend Flipped to my friends and colleagues without hesitation.

Sylvie S.Orleans, ON - 2012 Dodge Ram 1500


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