Beware these buyers when trying to sell your vehicle on the internet.5 problem buyers you’ll encounter when selling your car online

Selling your car on a classifieds website can lead to success stories, horror stories, or something in between. Typically there are going to be a lot of people who are going to contact you about buying your vehicle, but let’s take a look at five typical profiles of people who are NOT going to buy your car (but will still try and pretend to).

The Ghost

The ghost is probably the most common person you’re going to run into. They’ll send you an offer, maybe send you a couple follow-up questions but they’ll never actually show up. Sometimes they’ll even go as far as setting a time and place or tell you to hold onto the vehicle for a day and then they don’t come through. Always remember that a real offer is someone with cash in hand in front of you. Not much you can do to avoid them, just don’t waste your time chasing them.

The Tire Kicker

This is someone who’s going to show up and never actually buy the car. Kicking tires is a term for someone who is acting interested, but generally in a passive way. They usually don’t have the funds or ability to purchase your vehicle, but they like the idea that they could.Typically they’re looking for the attention that a seller gives to a prospective buyer. The best way to avoid these types of time wasters is to ask them to show up ready to buy.

The Enthusiast

You won’t find these types of people when you’re selling your run of the mill sedan. However, trucks, sports cars, motorcycles and anything that could be remotely collectible will draw these types of vehicle buyers out. They’re going to ask lots of detailed questions, probably even come look at it. But much like the tire kicker, they rarely have the ability to buy unless you accept an extremely low offer. The easiest way to get around these types is to ask somebody to come look at the vehicle if they have any questions and be ready to buy.

The Scammer

There are dozens of scams out there these days that can often time separate you from your vehicle, your money or both. The bottom line with scammers is to not give them your personal information and only deal with someone in person. There are services like that can make arrangements to have cars purchased and shipped. However, payment is always done in person with registered businesses, certified cheques, and bank drafts. Don’t ever take a personal cheque or EMT as payment for a vehicle, ever!

The Waiter

This is someone who will come look at the car, make an offer and everything will seem ready, but then they have to sell their current vehicle, or secure financing from their bank to buy your vehicle. This is the type of person you want to avoid as a ‘real buyer’. While they may end up purchasing your vehicle, it’s still unlikely they’ll be able to do so in your timeframe. If someone else comes with cash ready to buy, best take their offer, even if it might be a little less than the waiter’s offer.

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