3 things you need to prepare your vehicle to trade-in or sell

Getting ready to sell your vehicle? We have a few steps to make sure you have everything put together. From documents to maintenance we’ve got your covered.


The first thing you’re going to want to have ready is your paperwork. You can’t sell your car without it. Being prepared with documents is one of the keys to success when selling a vehicle. You don’t want to make your potential buyer wait while you find that missing piece of documents you needed, or be stuck waiting in line to get one.

Required documents:

  • Registration/Ownership documents
  • UVIP (for private sales only)
  • Bill of Sale (part of the UVIP)

Recommended documents:

  • E-test
  • Safety Standards Certificate
  • CarProof Report
  • Maintenance History

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The importance of having nice photographs is paramount, whether you are selling privately online or using Flipped.ca to sell your vehicle. Photos speak a thousand words and will limit the number of questions you get asked about your car while simultaneously increasing interest. The nicer the photos are the more confident the buyer will feel that the vehicle is in decent mechanical and cosmetic shape.

Ideally, you’re going to want at minimum six photos of your vehicle.

Must have photos:

  • Front facing
  • Rear facing
  • Driver’s side
  • Passenger’s side
  • Driver’s side interior
  • Gauge cluster with the odometer showing

Recommended photos:

  • Trunk
  • Front driver’s side corner shot
  • Any damages


Thankfully not all vehicle maintenance is rocket science, and there are a lot of things that can be done easily, cheaply and quickly. It’s great to get a pre-sale inspection done by a mechanic to avoid unwanted surprises when you do find a buyer. Usually, it costs under a hundred dollars and could save a potential deal from crumbling after the buyer asks for an inspection. This will also help you increase buyer confidence when you are selling privately, or even when you are selling your car using Flipped.ca.

Maintenance records will also help show the buyers that you cared for the vehicle, and will increase their willingness to pay top dollar.

In conclusion

The more info you can provide on your vehicle the better, regardless of whether you are trying to sell your car privately on a listing site, or trying to get more money faster by selling your car on Flipped.ca. Buy a CarProof report, gather up your maintenance history, and understand that selling your car is just as much about confidence in your vehicle as it is about pricing.

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This can be a lot of work to get together, then you still have to find someone to buy your vehicle. Thankfully with Flipped.ca, we make it significantly easier to sell your car.