Selling your lease online in ottawaThe best ways to get out of your car lease.

If you’re part way through your lease and you need to end it or you simply decided that you want to lease a different vehicle there can be a lot of difficulties involved. However, there are three main ways you can get out of a lease and we list the pros and cons below.

This website is commonly known for getting people out of vehicle leases. However, it’s not a free service. The upfront cost of Leasebusters is $300 for the listing. In addition, you’ll have to pay a lease transfer fee to the manufacturer or attempt to get your buyer to do so.

A lease on a new 2017 vehicle is going to be the same monthly cost as the lease you got on your 2015, so to sell your vehicle, you’ll usually pay for a few months of the lease to incentivize prospective buyers. All in all getting someone to take over your lease is not probable and could cost you much more than you think when all is said and done.

Cost: $300 + Lease Transfer fee


You can always sell your vehicle back to a dealership that carries your vehicle. You’ll avoid most of the fees involved and you’ll just pay a lease cancellation fee. However, you’ll still have to pay out the remaining difference owed on your original lease depending on how much you get for the vehicle.

Often enough, you will only be offered the wholesale value of the vehicle which will be less than what you’ll owe. You’ll still struggle with the same issues that you’d get trading in your car in that finding the dealership who’s going to pay the most for your lease is going to cost you a lot of time.

Cost: Remaining balance – wholesale cost + lease transfer fee is a new platform that allows people to get out of leases without paying fees and for the highest price available to them locally.

If you have a Honda Civic lease do you know which Honda dealership is going to pay most for your car? We can find out for you within 24 hours and have the offer ready for no cost and no obligation. The dealerships will also pay the taxes remaining on your lease, so you only have to worry about the current buyout vs the car’s current value. You could even end up in a situation where you are paid to end your lease!

Cost: FREE!

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